Elastacloud directors, Andy Cross and Richard Conway are founders of the UK Azure Users Group. They have built a thriving community of Azure users and developers with the help of Microsoft UK. The user group currently stands at over 500 members and meets the first Tuesday of every month in London and the first Wednesday of every month in Manchester.

Meetings are attended by up to 100 people a time and all those with an avid interest to learn cAzure are encouraged to attend. Past speakers include various members of Microsoft UK's Azure team, Mark Bower of Cube Social, Gaurav Mantri of Cerebrata and many more.

The group has been active since November 2011. Anyone can register for meetings @ Meetup or follow us on @ukazure.

UK Azure User Group

Open Source

Elastacloud has released Fluent Diagnostics and Fluent Management under an open source license to allow developers to get started with deploying complex Azure applications to the cloud and managing their diagnostics configuration in a single line of code. These two libraries are available for community and commercial projects at large given adherence to the license terms. They are freely downloadable from nuget. Example usages are available through our blog.