In the past further education institutions were awarded funding based on attendees being admitted and retained for a brief period. The new government mandates extend the liability on funding insomuch as the retention period is equal to the course duration. The conclusion of the course is measured in terms of destination and funding is conditional effectiveness of a course. Each college will offer a variety of courses and modules within those courses. In doing so, it seeks to match its educational offering to the recruitment needs of the local economy.

The college will receive a system to allow the balancing of risk across modules, courses and academic years. This system empowers the roles of team members in the institution with cutting edge analytics and displays guidance based on projected risk models as to the overall risk associates with courses. The data for this will be derived through a Big Data analysis of MIS data held by the institution combined with national and regional trends.

The college will be able to modify weights associated with these risk factors in order to build a generic solution which is tailored to their institution and these risk models can be applied at the point of admission to predict a likely outcome for a candidate applicant. Furthermore, the college receives an integrated learning social network powered by Yammer, which facilitates co-learning and engagement. The system will include a bulk load capability which enables Yammer and reduces the overhead to the college for enabling the social network.

Cloud Predictions

ANALYTICS THAT HELP YOU WIN AT BUILDING GAMES; Cloud Predictions features a set of brilliant tools for Game Developers, from system for helping you distribute custom artwork (dare we say 'user generated?') to tracking who's winning and who's about to drop out of your game.

With our managed Leaderboards, you can show players how they stack up against each other, against their friends and against their countrymen. By utilising Cloud Predictions' friendship based Leaderboards, you can understand your players and their degrees of seperation from one another with customised leaderboards. Uniquely in the market, Cloud Predictions supports thousands of simultaneous leaderboards for your players across all of your games with real-time updates and event hooks to enable custom achievements.

Cloud Predictions creates scalable groups of friends which can be used as the basis for complex multiplayer scenarios. Using our system you can give players the freedom of control over who they interact and can message in game or any other pre-designed collaborative scenario. With Cloud Predictions you can track histories of friends groups over time and see how they evolve as the gameplay evolves. Whilst this is a perfect solution for players that want to build friends networks it's also a great analysis tool for games designers to show the spread of friendship over time and how it relates to gameplay.

Use Cloud Predictions to store large volumes of digital assets per game. Cloud Predictions allow you to store terabytes of graphics and files so that you can customise the game experience for each player. Players can upload their own rules and avatars as needed and these will be propagated around the world within minutes. This allows the player to have a fantastic gameplay experience and enables you, the games designer, to not worry about storage. Cloud Predictions uses the Microsoft Azure CDN with tens of locations around the world allowing the most remote gamers to have a great player experience.

Cloud Predictions offers a comprehensive player churn model. Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques we can predict with up to 90% accuracy whether this player session will be the last allowing you to work out whether to offer them other similar games in your portfolio or discount in-player deals to keep their engagement. The predictions are made in real-time at the end of each session so can be wired up to a marketing system. Cloud Predictions has based their churn model on complex academic peer reviewed papers to bring you the foresight that only the largest games companies in the world can command with teams of data scientists.

Understand whether you are retaining your players with individual scores to show how the basic engagement with them fares against against other players in their initial cohort. Cloud Predictions creates automatic buckets for all your users based on their start date enabling you to consider A/B scenarios.

Player Retention can be used to show whether starting on certain days of the week or holiday periods will affect whether payers spend more time playing your game. Cloud Predictions shows you how these retention values change over time with new cohorts allowing the games designer to understand how general changes in the game affect a player's overall interest.

Open Source

  • BiSharp - Command and Control PowerBI through C#
  • Service Bus Spout - Connect Storm to Azure Service Bus
  • LibCloud - Apache Libcloud is a Python library which hides differences between different cloud provider APIs and allows you to manage different cloud resources through a unified and easy to use API
  • AzureLogAppender - A rolling log4j appender that writes log entries to a PageBlob in Azure Blob Storage