Elastacloud formed in 2011 to bring the benefits of cloud based Distributed Compute to our customers. Today this is most demonstrable in our Big Data analytics work, where we routinely run hundreds of cores of Windows Azure compute in order to solve IO intensive, Big Data problems.

Our approach and mantra is to build capability within our customers team; to build value and rapidly bring solutions to market whilst providing our customers the ability to maintain and extend the solutions themselves.

Microsoft Windows Azure Circle Big Data member and policy advisor and members of the elite Windows Azure Insiders group, Elastacloud, provide industry leading experts to our customers at any stage in the software development and product delivery lifecycle. Elastacloud has a proven and consistent track record of delivering Windows Azure solutions from conception to execution across a range of business lines including finance, insurance, media, telecoms and ecommerce.

Our consultancy brings an unrivalled depth of knowledge in Big Data, HDinsight (Hadoop on Azure), Service Management, performance and runtime diagnostics and the Windows Azure platform to every challenge, building our customers a cutting edge and future proof design.


A founding member of the POWER BI Red Carpet program, Elastacloud are reknowned experts in PowerBI extensibility. Our integrations for developers and BI Professionals allow the rapid generation, control and visualization of data and the embedding of PowerBI technologies wherever they are needed.

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If you have an existing system that you wish to integrate with or migrate to the Cloud, our consultants can deliver your solution alongside your existing team. With a proven track record training and evangelising for Microsoft, Elastacloud can get your team up to speed on Windows Azure and the solution you need them to deliver. We offer 5 day migration workshops where we whiteboard solutions for complex applications that are "ready to go". The cloud needn't be taxing.

With the new IaaS features we provide custom deployment scripts to replicate existing host environments for Windows, Linux, SQL Server and any application server.


Elastacloud has for the past 3 years completed Windows Azure discovery pack training and consultancy on behalf of Microsoft. We have supplied day or two day bootcamps into several companies and customised courses for their needs. In addition to this we have delivered custom Microsoft introductory bootcamps and advanced bootcamps for Microsoft in London and Manchester.

Elastacloud can deliver a unique Windows Azure training programme for your development team which goes from fundamentals to advanced.