At Elastacloud, we built an SDK for controlling PowerBI with C#. It's key goals are to simplify data access and authentication, allowing easy and rapid access to core PowerBI assets. We want developers to have an experience with PowerBI that is first class and help unlock the innate creative potential of developers. So many developers find getting their data across to end users in a clear way a difficult challenge and we think PowerBI is in a unique position to solve this. Unlocking the delivery of data and coupling that with the easy and extensible visualizations puts the power to innovate in a developers hands.

When we looked at the PowerBI toolchain we saw a few places that we wanted to help. We created the Calendar visual and continue to participate in the active community growing around the extending the variety of visuals available in PowerBI.

Then we looked at the other side, how to get data into PowerBI and control it in an automated fashion. There's a really great API for that, but all the samples require the crafting of REST requests yourself. That's not the hardest challenge in 2015, but it does slow down the development cycle which is a killer for creativity.

We set out with a simple challenge; create datasets and tables around .net objects (plain old clr objects - POCOs) and let a developer with an existing solution get creative with their data immediately. No intermediate EventHubs. No staging storage. A collection of class instances in memory, a PowerBI account to add them to ... voila!


To get started, we chose to host our build services and provide continuous integration and build for our solution. We chose as the way to distribute our work.

For authentication, PowerBI uses Common Concent in Azure AD. We decided to encapsulate AzureAD authentication code to make it easy for developers to get start, but also allow it to be swapped out, in case the dev.

We call this solution bisharp.

Read more and find the source at Elastaclouds' Github


If you have an existing system using SSRS, Tableau or another BI system, Elastacloud can help migrate your assets with our advanced knowledge of PowerBI extensibility. We can build and embed your corporate assets right into PowerBI.


One frequent requirement that we have solved at Elastacloud is the desire to white label PowerBI so that dashboards can be consumed outside of a domain and without the PowerBI branding around the UI. We have achieved this and contributed this technology to the community as part of BISharp - and we can commercially provide these services to our customers. An example UI integration is shown below.


Elastacloud has for the past 5 years completed Azure training and consultancy on behalf of or alongside Microsoft. We have supplied day or two day bootcamps into several companies and customised courses for their needs. In addition to this we have delivered custom Microsoft introductory bootcamps and advanced bootcamps around the UK.

Elastacloud can deliver a unique Azure and PowerBI training programme for your development team which goes from fundamentals to advanced.