Richard Conway

Director & Azure MVP

Richard Conway has a software and startup career spanning 16 years. He has worked for clients such as Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro, BP, BT and others. He is the author of numerous books and articles on C# and security. He has also been a director of several startups during his time. His latest, Elastacloud, of which he is a director, offers HPC and big data consultancy for Azure deployments. He has focused his efforts solely on Azure since the days of Red Dog. Richard's familiarity with service management and deployment led to the recent release of the open source library Azure Fluent Management. He is a co-founder of the UK Azure Users Group which puts on monthly events in London and Manchester to evangelise Azure. He can be followed @azurecoder or contacted in the office on 0208 530 3999 or by email at

Andy Cross

Director & Azure MVP

Andy Cross is a cloud architect and co-founder of Elastacloud. With a background in highly transactional websites, his performance optimisation within the Microsoft development stack eventually led him to more and more distributed systems and open technologies. An international speaker, Andy has lead teams building the largest Hadoop and HDInsight specialist deployments on Azure.

His passion for embedded software and high performance compute clusters gives him a unique sphere of computation from the very small and resource constrained to the massively scalable limitless potential of the cloud. He is a Azure Insider, co-founder of the UK London Azure User Group, an Azure Most Valuable Professional and a Microsoft Regional Director. You can find Andy at @andyelastacloud

David Crossland

Mentor & Team Leading Consultant

David Crossland has a been involved with Elastacloud since 2013. He has worked on a number of successful projects for customers using such technologies as HDInsight/Storm/Kafka. Has compentancy in a wide range of tools and languages C#/.Net, Java and Scala. Previosuly worked in the Identity Management space and the E-Passport space as part of TemporalS.